Mag.phil. BERNHARD EBERHARTER Diplomübersetzer

Impeccable [orthography], correct [grammar] and decent [diction] do not come naturally to everybody. But these competencies are necessary, when it comes to credibility and significance of your documents. A translator automatically notices errors of all kind, bad structures and false meaning and you are welcome to make use of my eagle eyes. Together we examine your text and correct it, [to ensure that your words are effective].

In this case, you can choose between two sorts of language services: [proofreading] & [editing].

During proofreading, grammar, orthography and punctuation are reviewed. But if the focus should also be set on the content, diction and coherence as well as your company’s [terminology], this happens during editing.

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[Der Unterschied zwischen dem richtigen Wort und dem beinahe richtigen ist der gleiche wie zwischen einem Blitz und einem Glühwürmchen.]
Mark Twain