Mag.phil. BERNHARD EBERHARTER Diplomübersetzer

[Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.]

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Whether as [preparation for an exam], [language course for companies] or simply to [freshen up] your language skills for your next holiday, language coaching by [] always adjusts to your individual needs and is planned for the respective purpose. Together we set the goals of the coaching and the main focus as well as its extent and duration.

I especially emphasise on your personal inputs, in order to encourage and correct you efficiently. Together we detect your personal level of knowledge and build up on your foreign language skills:

[Step by step] & [word by word].

Language should be fun and those who get to work with pleasure and enthusiasm will be rewarded with success!

[] offers language coaching for the following languages:

[German], [Russian] and [French].

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[Der Unterschied zwischen dem richtigen Wort und dem beinahe richtigen ist der gleiche wie zwischen einem Blitz und einem Glühwürmchen.]
Mark Twain