Mag.phil. BERNHARD EBERHARTER Diplomübersetzer

Writing is not the same as [creating a text]!

In order to make your texts efficient in front of your clientele there are many things to be considered! Being a professional language service provider, I start by determining the target group and then adjust [diction], [structure] and [lexis] of the source text to the target group.

[Persuading, tempting, stirring or charming]… You decide how my words should work!


Based on your information, wishes and goals I create a text according to your concepts. The result is convincing, working and delighting.

[Working words and well received texts!]

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[Der Unterschied zwischen dem richtigen Wort und dem beinahe richtigen ist der gleiche wie zwischen einem Blitz und einem Glühwürmchen.]
Mark Twain