Mag.phil. BERNHARD EBERHARTER Diplomübersetzer

[A good translation is more than just a text] – it is the result of professional knowledge, detailed research, intercultural competence and [translational knowledge].

A translator does not transfer [word by word] into the target language.

Inevitable for the creation of a translation of high quality are:

[.]finding the appropriate [translation strategy],

[.] [identifying] even the most inconsiderable problems and bypassing them elegantly,

[.] the adequate and coherent representation of [meaning] and [content] of the source text in the target language. The result is a translation which works and [is suitable] and, above all, does not seem translated.

Each of my translation is revised and reviewed by mother-tongue speakers that I trust. Four eyes see more when words should be effective! Absolute [discretion] is taken for granted – for reticence is a matter of honour for professional translators and editors.

Along with literary translation [specialist texts] are the leading discipline for professional translators.


The following specialities are part of my repertoire:

[.][Human medicine] with focus on otorhinolaryngology and logopedics,


[.][Biology] with focus on zoology and botany,

[.][Tourism] with focus on destination-and event management,

[.][Gastronomy] and [hotel business];

However, for you I’m happy to get acquainted with new specialities and thereby acquire the necessary knowledge.

I translate from and into the following languages:

[French -> German]
[German -> French]

[Russian -> German]
[German -> Russian]

[Ukrainian -> German]

[Polish -> German]

If you need a translation from or into another language, I can gladly recommend one of my qualified colleagues to you!

+43 699 10780090

[Der Unterschied zwischen dem richtigen Wort und dem beinahe richtigen ist der gleiche wie zwischen einem Blitz und einem Glühwürmchen.]
Mark Twain